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Stok Kon & Braverman Draws Worldwide Attention in Edelsten Case

A case involving Florida law firm Stok Kon & Braverman and attorney Robert Stok is garnering a great deal of attention in Austrailia and around the world. Robert Stok is serving as attorney for the Mawardi family, former business partners of Geoffrey Edelsten, a medical entrepreneur who has grown into a controversial Australian celebrity.

First, a little background on the case.

Back in September, the Mawardi family, who were engaged in very contentious litigation with Edelstein, reached a settlement with Edelsten that the Mawardis intended to be a a resolution to a dispute involving the ownership of excessive business assets, including United States housing complexes, a hotel and casino in the Dominican Republic, and a Challenger 601 jet aircraft. The Mawardi family was to receive cash payments, mortgages on real property and an insurance claim worth approximately $4 million dollars for a total settlement value of approximately $11 million dollars.

Robert Stok, in representing the Mawardi family, has argued that Edelsten is not complying with the terms of the settlement, and the Broward County Circuit Court has charged Edelstein with contempt. The issue is with the recent forced sale of the aforementioned jet, with two specific injustices being cited:


  • The money from the sale of the jet went to two companies, and not the Mawardi family. $1.36 million went to Norman South, an Australian company of which Geoffrey Edelsten is the sole director and shareholder. Another $130,000 was paid to Edelsten’s former lawyers, Archer Bay, of Florida. According to Robert Stok, who asked Archer Bay to be held in contempt, this violates the original court order.
  • The jet was intentionally sold for much less than it’s worth—$1.9 million compare to $4 million—to minimize the amount of money available to pay off the settlement.


The case continues to be one of Stok Kon & Braverman’s most prominent. Mr. Edelsten is being represented in its criminal aspects by David Bogenschutz, a Florida criminal lawyer. For more information on the case, read a recent article published in The Sydney Morning Herald.



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