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If You are Planning a Move to Florida, Should You be Concerned About the Federal Government’s New Immigration Restrictions? If You’re Considering an EB-5 Visa, Don’t Be!

The White House’s recent executive order on immigration has (justifiably) caused a degree of concern among potential immigrants to the United States. The Associated Press has called the Trump Administration’s statements “contradictory and confusing.” There are some things that we do know for certain, however. One of those things is that, if you are applying for legal immigration status, you potentially can increase your chance of success by retaining the services of a skilled South Florida immigration attorney.

Another thing we know is that, as Forbes reported, the Executive Branch’s possible plans of action don’t involve curtailing the EB-5 investor visa program. In fact, some sources are reporting that the administration’s plan may include expanding the investment visa program. If you are considering obtaining legal status through the EB-5 program, you should definitely consult a knowledgeable attorney and proceed forward.

Recent statistics have shown that, increasingly, citizens of India are availing themselves to the EB-5 program. In the 2019 fiscal year, Indians accounted for more than 30% of all filings, with 726. (China had 351 and Vietnam had 240.) Another piece of good news for Indians considering the EB-5 program is that the U.S. government is completely current on processing applications from Indians and they face no backlog (or backlog-triggered delay) at all.

Whatever country you hail from, your path to a visa may be shorter than it’s been in many years, as the processing times for I-526 petitions have dropped dramatically, according to statistics recently released by USCIS. In fiscal year 2019, the number was roughly 20 months. In fiscal year 2020, that number plummeted to just over 13 months.

South American investors and South Florida investments

In the past, Brazilians were one of the groups that most commonly used the EB-5 program. At one time, the third largest nationality of EB-5 applicants was Brazilians. Many Brazilian applicants identified the opportunity to invest in South Florida as a potentially wise choice, given that Brazil and Florida have historically shared close ties.

More recently, citizens of Colombia have flocked to the EB-5 programs, as EB-5 applications from that country have experienced more than 50% growth between fiscal year 2018 and fiscal year 2019. Much like Brazilians, Colombians may find that Miami and South Florida make a good target both economically and culturally in terms of where to invest.

If you are contemplating investing in South Florida and seeking an EB-5 visa, you need to make sure you are doing it the right way. You need a legal partner who can help you identify the right project, acquire the correct paperwork and jump through all the proper “hoops” of proof and documentation necessary to get your visa.

Getting it right, right from the beginning, may be the difference between success or failure, or at least the difference between swiftly getting your visa as opposed to experiencing avoidable delay. For that kind of detail-oriented and reliable legal representation as you apply for an EB-5 visa, look to the experienced South Florida immigration attorneys at Stok Kon + Braverman. Our team of diligent immigration attorneys are here to ensure you get the effective legal help you need.

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