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In a recent article for the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s online publication, Stok Kon & Braverman attorney Sheri A. Benchetrit provided readers with an illuminating insight into one attorney’s professional path that led her to the practice of immigration law and the pivotal moment when “I knew why I became an immigration attorney.” The autobiographical article brings into sharp focus the zeal, passion, and personal dedication Benchetrit brings on behalf of each of her immigration law clients.

Benchetrit, who has been with Stok Kon & Braverman for more than half a decade, began her practice in 1992, relocating to Miami in 2006. Shortly after coming to South Florida, Benchetrit began focusing her professional efforts exclusively on assisting immigration law clients. Two years later, Benchetrit encountered the case that would serve as her proof that her focus on immigration law was the right choice. Benchetrit had met a minister who told her of a Haitian woman being held at an immigration detention facility in Broward County. The woman had a husband and four children who were already in the US and had become US citizens. The woman had applied for asylum years earlier, but the application had become entangled in the procedural complexities of the immigration system, with some of her filings suffering from her failure to seek legal assistance in completing them. As a result, her application was ultimately denied.

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A case involving Florida law firm Stok Kon & Braverman and attorney Robert Stok is garnering a great deal of attention in Austrailia and around the world. Robert Stok is serving as attorney for the Mawardi family, former business partners of Geoffrey Edelsten, a medical entrepreneur who has grown into a controversial Australian celebrity.

First, a little background on the case.

Back in September, the Mawardi family, who were engaged in very contentious litigation with Edelstein, reached a settlement with Edelsten that the Mawardis intended to be a a resolution to a dispute involving the ownership of excessive business assets, including United States housing complexes, a hotel and casino in the Dominican Republic, and a Challenger 601 jet aircraft. The Mawardi family was to receive cash payments, mortgages on real property and an insurance claim worth approximately $4 million dollars for a total settlement value of approximately $11 million dollars.

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